The Safest & Most Advanced Aluminum Wheel Cleaning Technology

Exclusively provided in the U.S. by Southern Tire Mart, the IMI ALUMINATOR is the new innovative way to effectively and efficiently clean aluminum wheels. It was developed with both safety and appearance in mind. Using a combination of components, consumables, and inspections, the IMI ALUMINATOR produces a safe and clean wheel as recommended by TMC standards.

IMI Aluminator Wheel Cleaning

The IMI Aluminator Wheel Cleaning System takes a dirty wheel,
and cleans off debris and brake dust, making the wheel clean and
ready for the road.

  • Effectively removes grease, concrete, asphalt, & brake dust, extending service life.
  • Cleans both sides of the wheel at one time to identify hidden damages that can lead to safety hazards.
  • DOES NOT wallow out bolt holes.
  • Cleans entire bead seat area.
  • Able to do most sizes of commercial wheels including wide base drive / super single wheels.