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Max Load:2270
Tread Depth:13.0
Ply Rating:8
Rim Width:18
Warranty (miles):50,000 miles
Section Width:255
Aspect Ratio:55
Tire Size:255/55R18
Speed Rating:R
Max Inflation:65

Features And Benefits


All-Season/Winter All-Terrain Passenger Light Truck/SUV tire.

  • Race proven CoreGard sidewall rubber technology and increased rubber thickness
  • Advanced deflection design
  • Serrated shoulder lugs
  • Raised bars in the shoulder tread area
  • Staggered shoulder blocks
  • Locking 3-D sipes
  • Specially formulated tread rubber
  • Advanced footprint
  • Interlocking tread
  • Stone ejectors
  • Carries the Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake (3PMSF) symbol (not applicable to "DT" designated items)
  • 50,000 Mile Limited Treadwear Warranty
  • 60-Day Satisfaction Guarantee


  • For tough, split and bruise resistant sidewalls
  • Deflects protruding objects from snagging and splitting the sidewall
  • Provide increased mud, snow and rock traction, especially in aired-down driving situations
  • Helps to release compacted mud for enhanced traction in muddy and soft soil conditions
  • Provide greater maneuverability in soft soil and deep snow conditions
  • Provides more biting edges for significantly increased snow traction
  • To reduce chip and tear for superior gravel road endurance
  • For longer, more uniform wear
  • Provide increased tread block stability, for more even wear over the long haul
  • Rejects stone retention and provides extra tread cleanout protection against stone drilling
  • Meets the required performance criteria for Use in Severe Snow Conditions (not applicable to "DT" designated items)

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  • Submitted by amazon-customer on February 6, 2021

    Awesome Tires!

    Tires look awesome, exactly as advertised. top of the line 

  • Submitted by Edward Grandson on June 17, 2021

    better is not possible

    Perfect match with my Land Rover Discovery 2 under all climate conditions 

  • Submitted by amazon-customer on June 26, 2021

    Five Stars

    very good 

  • Submitted by DanteDante on August 27, 2021

    The best A/T tire for all-around daily use

    I couldn’t be happier with this purchase. I am in the process of doing some overland conversions to our 2018 Forester, and 29″ tires were on the list. While the BFGs were on the high side price-wise, driving on these quickly proved why. Keep in mind that I have really only used these tires on paved roads, and some pretty bad country driveways that could be compared to a rutted dry, rocky river bed.ProsThe Forester handles better on the road.Hard to believe that a taller off-road tire would perform so much better on curves than the original Yokohamas, but with the incredibly stiff sidewalls these tires have, she corners as well as some well set-up cars I have done. they are noisier than the OE tires, but quieter than some Firestone GTA Firehawks with 15k miles. I know not everyone will get the reference, but suffice it to say they are very reasonable for A/T tires. The grip on all surfaces is amazing. The only place I felt any real slip was going diagonally over train tracks with steel plates in between in the rain, and that was minor. Everywhere else they just grip. They look amazing. I know that that is a pretty minor point for tires, but for some, it really matters. I have received more complements on this vehicle with the few mods I have done than any other car I have modified (and I have done many over the years) because of the way they set off the Forester. Cons They are heavy. You will accelerate slower than you once did because of the extra weight. My choice to go with a taller tire also contributes to that, but comparing within the same size tire, the extra weight will make a difference. Your fuel economy will decrease as well. Ours dropped about 4mpg overall. For me, the cons were expected, and turned out not as bad as I thought. I couldn’t be happier so far, and after we travel from PA to CA next year, I will update how they do across more surfaces. 

  • Submitted by William Mikan III on October 21, 2021

    what’s not to love

    these are KO2 tires, what can you love about them. they have performed well in the summer for me the fall, winter is staring to hit here where i live off and on and so far even on a solid sheet of ice on a road we bairly managed to loose grip. no these are not studdable that i am aware of but who needs to stud a tire thats this nice i have had what id consider no big issues with it they dont seem to wear down quickly in comparison to other tires ive had so far (ive seen and had some low end tires on cars ive drove) and if you are using the proper tires for your vehicle (if these can work for your vehicle) both in terms of the weight each will need to carry and their width and height and such. then id say get them yes KO2 tires are not for every vehicle but they do make KO2 tires that can usually work for almost any suv, van, 

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