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235/60R17 TURANZA EL400-02

Max Inflation:44
Max Load:1874
Tread Depth:10.0
Rim Width:17
Section Width:235
Aspect Ratio:60
Tire Size:235/60R17
UTQG:400 B B
Speed Rating:T

Features And Benefits


All-Season Passenger Car Touring tire. Original Equipment on Select Vehicles. Run Flat Technology available on Select Sizes.

  • Innovative compound
  • Silica
  • Innovative tire design
  • 5° noise reduction
  • Platinum Pact Limited Warranty
  • 90-Day Buy and Try Guarantee


  • Increases wear resistance
  • Improves traction in wet conditions by increasing flexibility of tread compound
  • Improves handling in wet or dry conditions
  • Produces noise-cancelling sound waves to significantly reduce tire noise on road surfaces
  • Delivers state-of-the-art traction on wet and dry roads

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  • Submitted by Bulltooth on January 6, 2021

    Not recommended

    The EL400’s came stock with my new Jetta. I drive like a grandma so it lasted about 65k miles until it was down to the wear bars. Most drivers will get significantly less mileage than I got simply due to my driving style. I also cannot recommend these tires since they have a tendency to hydroplane and started showing dry rot within 2 years of use. These tires have turned me off the Bridgestone brand. 

  • Submitted by Jim Fox on February 11, 2021

    Worst tires ever

    Bridgestone Turanza EL400-2s came on my 2017 Prius v. I have just over 16,000 miles on the vehicle and I have already had to replace at least 4 tires due to sidewall problems. I have just replaced the front two with Pirelli P4s no more Bridgestones. 

  • Submitted by Jianhua Yang on February 27, 2021

    Do yourself a favor, STAY AWAY from these tires

    I am looking for zero star option for these tires.These are oem tires came with 2012 Camry. Whenever it rains, my blood pressure goes up because these tires slip and have no gripping power at all. Plus, these tires only last 25k miles at best after simple internet research.It is a total failure for bridgestone to come up with these tires and an epic fail for Toyota to put on these tires in their car, knowing these tires with serious defect!I am saving my money to get rid of these tires asap, and no more bridgestone in my life! 

  • Submitted by betty rexrode on March 12, 2021

    Tread life is minimum

    We have 37,000 miles on our 2015 sienna van mostly interstate mileage. We had a hole in tire going down interstate and warning light came on . The tire held up with low pressure and a nice feature to have if you can’t change a tire. However the tread life is terrible! We may have had a few thousand miles left on tires but I replaced with Michelin premier a/s. They come with 60,000 mile pro rated warranty. 

  • Submitted by CN on May 25, 2021

    Terrible tire (tread wear)

    These came on my Toyota Camry when it was new. It now has 22,000 miles on it. At my annual state inspection, they told me that I passed inspection, but just barely due to the small amount of tread left on the tires They recommended replacing them within another 1000 miles or so. 

  • Submitted by Tezza on June 15, 2021

    They don’t last

    I had these on my 2008 Sentra and by 40,000 miles they were worn out. I rotated them every 7500 and it didn’t seem to help. 

  • Submitted by Greg Carson on July 14, 2021


    These came installed on my 2017 Toyota Camry, and at the 20,000 miles service they told me I will need new tires soon. All rotation and maintenance on time. These tires are a complete waste, DO NOT BUY. 

  • Submitted by Jeff S (Verified Purchase) on July 20, 2021

    either the dealer took off better tires and put these things on and sold me …

    Purchased a certified used Toyota Corolla from a local Toyota dealer. The car was a former lease and had 29K miles. These were the tires that were on the car when I took delivery. I immediately noticed they were very loud. I just put 5,00 miles on the car and I’m being told the tires will have to be replaced very very soon and that I should replace them within the next couple weeks – they are at 4/32. These are the loudest tires I have ever heard. Now, either the dealer took off better tires and put these things on and sold me a car with 5,000 miles left or the tread on these tires wears quickly. I will look up manufacture date, etc to see if it still qualifies for any pro-rated warranty. 

  • Submitted by Lynn Adams on August 13, 2021

    Bridgestone – Turanza EL400-02

    We leased a 2012 Subaru Legacy fitted with the Bridgestone – Turanza EL400-02 tires. We live in Eastern Washington State and experience definite 4-season driving. Twice in the last two days (snow & ice) my wife lost control of her Legacy. While making a free-right hand turn (after stopping of course)the car did a 180 degree spin. The second was today – she was at a stop sign – the road sloped gently to the right – the car (while she was stopped) slid to the right and ended up against a show berm. She had no control. Our previous car had Michelin’s and never – even once – did we have this sort of problem in 4 years of use.I’ll be complaining to the dealership about the crappy tires, and will have to use them until we can afford $800.00 for a new set of Michelin’s. 

  • Submitted by FS Mason on September 9, 2021

    Bridgestone Turenza el 400 Tires

    These came with our new Lexus ES 350. It’s my wife’s car and let’s face it, an ES 350 is not a sports car nor does she drive that way so I would say it is the tires.We have 21k on the mileage and they look and have the tread wear of 40k miles.I know car manufactures put big brand name tires with crappy tread wear on their new cars to save a buck or two so I would say that is a hit on Lexus as well as the other car companies that do that.But back to the tires, they just don’t last.I never had any Bridgestones before, but if this is an example of their product, there are plenty of other tire companies out there. Go find another brand that lasts. 

  • Submitted by Shane Mazza on October 14, 2021

    Low life and NVH, but okay traction

    These tires came with my new Camry. I sold these cars and heard from my clients that these are terrible. The ride quality is noticeably rougher than Michellins some of the Camry units have. Mine lasted 23k miles despite 6 tire rotations. I do drive a little faster than an average person, but I would not expect more than a few thousand more miles for an average driver. 

  • Submitted by Elphy 2 on October 19, 2021

    Glad to get them off the car

    Bridgstone 400 tires were on my 2011 Toyota Camry when I bought it new. I put up with the hard, noisy ride for 7k miles and replaced them with Michelin MXM4 all weather tires. The improvement was even more than I exopected…softer ride…better handling…I feel more secure behind the wheel without such quick steering (must be a wider footprint) and much less road noise in the car. I don’t understand why Toyota would put that tire on their new cars. They must get them really cheap. 

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