Speed Rating:Y
Tread Depth:9.0
Rim Width:19
Section Width:245
Aspect Ratio:35
Tire Size:245/35R19

Features And Benefits


Summer Ultra-High Performance Passenger Car tire. Run Flat Technology available on Select Sizes.

  • Rim protection ring (FR) – select sizes only
  • Asymmetrical tread pattern
  • Flexible "macro-block" design
  • 45 degree tread blocks and 3D grooves
  • Increased number of small tread bars
  • ContiSilent (SIL) tires are lined with a noise reducing foam insert
  • Total Confidence Plan
  • 60 Day Trial
  • 3 Year Roadside Assistance


  • Improved contact patch when making sharp maneuvers, grip for faster cornering and additional steering response
  • Pattern conformation to road surface increases contact surface during high speed cornering enhancing the "on the limit" response
  • Block edges designed to reduce tilting creating a larger effective contact area for shorter breaking distances
  • Pattern penetration of water on the road surface means better wet grip

Product Reviews

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  • Submitted by TaneemTaneem on April 9, 2021

    Best tyres

    I have them on my 530d and I do a lot of driving all year round.On of the best tyres on rain and they are brilliant on dry conditions.Abit expensive but you get what you pay for.ThanksT

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