650/65R42 MAXI TRACTION 65

Tread Depth:68.0
Rim Width:42
Section Width:650
Aspect Ratio:65
Tire Size:650/65R42

Features And Benefits


R-1W Agricultural Tractor Tire for High Horsepower Tractors, Combines and Harvesters.

  • Optimized lug and tread designs
  • Renewed tire carcasses
  • Optimized compounds and a unique tire construction
  • Flatter and wider threads in combination with an optimized lug design
  • Dual Angle lug design with distinctive ridge in the lug


  • Produce maximum traction in the field and better handling on the road with very accurate steering and braking response
  • Offer improved damping characteristics contributing to a more comfortable drive without vibrations and road noise
  • Make them extremely durable so they last longer
  • Offer even pressure distribution, resulting in uniform wear and extended tire life
  • Increases traction while keeping soil disturbance to a minimum and offers excellent self-cleaning, further increasing traction properties
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