265/50R20 GRABBER HTS60

Max Load:2149
Tread Depth:12.0
Rim Width:20
Load Range :SL
Warranty (miles):65,000 miles
Section Width:265
Aspect Ratio:50
Tire Size:265/50R20
UTQG:680 A B
Speed Rating:T
Max Inflation:44

Features And Benefits


All-Season Highway-Terrain Passenger Light Truck/SUV tire.

  • Rim protection ring (FR)
  • Ultra high strength steel belts, microfiber casing reinforcements and broad tire contour
  • Flatter footprint, optimized tread pattern stiffness
  • Improved tread compound
  • Tread cushioning system combined with sound barrier ribs
  • Pattern optimization
  • 680 A B (Metric Sizes – S/T Rated)
  • 660 A A (Metric Sizes – H Rated)
  • 65,000 Mile Limited Treadwear Warranty (All S & T Rated)
  • 50,000 Mile Limited Treadwear Warranty (All Metric Sizes H-Rated and above)
  • 50,000 Mile Limited Treadwear Warranty (All LT sizes)
  • 45 Days Satisfaction Trial


  • Provide even treadwear for longer mileage and confidence in challenging conditions
  • For greater tread life
  • Provide a quieter, more comfortable ride
  • Metric sizes optimized for excellent grip in wet and winter conditions
  • LT sizes optimized for improved tread life and stability under heavy load

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  • Submitted by Customer on June 4, 2021

    Her tires are amazing. My tires

    We just purchased a used Jeep Grand Cherokee, 2010 Limited. My wife also drives a Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited, 2015 with Goodyear Fortera HL, 265/50/R20. My vehicle has General Grabber HTS 265/50/R20 tires. She is able to drive in all weather, whether heavy snow, ice, or rain without issue. My vehicle has nearly been in the ditch on more than one occasion due to snow. They say they are all season tires. In order to prove my point I took my wife for a drive around the block. We were traveling at about 20 miles per hour when we came upon an intersection and began to slow down in preparation to turn on the next street. However, when I placed my foot on the brake, the ABS started to kick in and we slid 30 feet past the turn. We then took the 2015 for a spin around the same block and without hesitation we were able to turn without sliding on the snow/ice. Her tires are amazing. My tires, are amazingly terrible. Very unfortunate as we didn’t anticipate spending an additional $800 on tires. So, please be aware and pay special attention to the tires on all vehicle purchases. 

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