195/45VR15 PROXES T1-S

Speed Rating:V
Rim Width:15
Section Width:195
Aspect Ratio:45
Tire Size:195/45R15

Features And Benefits


Summer Ultra High Performance Passenger Car tire.

  • Silica-reinforced, high-grip tread compound
  • Unidirectional tread design with slanted main grooves
  • Hard bead filler compound
  • Two full-width steel belts stabilize the tread
  • Unique tread design incorporates a rigid center rib
  • High Modulus Casing
  • Spiral wound, jointless edge and cap plies
  • CASPAN™ Noise Analysis Technology
  • Rim protector in the lower sidewall


  • Increases the friction coefficient between the contact patch and the road surface
  • For superior water drainage results in excellent wet and dry grip and resistance to aquaplaning
  • Provides stability during hard cornering for improved steering response and excellent grip
  • To reduce squirm and enhance handling during hard cornering
  • For directional stability
  • Optimized steering response and high-speed stability
  • Assures improved uniformity for comfort and high-speed endurance
  • To reduce pattern noise
  • Guards expensive wheels from scratches and abrasions

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